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Paripalanabhavan has grown and prospered over the years by the grace and providence of God in 2001. Mr. Mathew Aiyangayil and Mrs. Baby donated a property of 85 cent in Udayamperoor village, Ernakulam DT, Kerala, South India. Udayamperoor is a developing village and it is a rural area populated around 30,000 families belonging Christians Muslims and Hindus. The parishners and neighbors are very cooperative.

While making a short visit to India, God inspired the Rusconis, an Italian family, to help us in our mission. Mr. Stephan Rusconi and Mrs. Joy Butterfield along with the family helped to make paripalanabhavan what is today. Paripalanabhavan opened for the mentally challenged destitute ladies in 2006 March 25th.

The Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is fully committed to give guidance, assistance and accommodation to these inmates. At present there are 18 ladies from 28yrs-73yrs old. 21 persons were rehabilitated and they returned home and joined their families. Now we have the facilities to accommodate 25 members. One who is superior of the community is the in charge of the inmates. There is also a nurse who supports their health and hygiene. There are three other sisters who assist the patients in all kinds of ways.

Sisters help them to overcome their stress, feeling of unwantedness and crisis through clinical therapy, personal guidance and prayer. We conduct programmes and workshop to promote their talents and human dignity. We promote a center for counseling for mentally stressed people and those that suffer loneliness. Also we help in adoption of poor children.

Lay volunteers can offer free service to the center. Sisters are also involved in pastoral activities in our parish and neighbor parish. Thus the helping hands of the congregation and benefactors will be able to maintain this home to provide maximum benefit to the poor, marginalized, mentally challenged ladies who are really in need.

Joy Butterfield Rusconi
Birth: 22-10-1954
Died: 05-06-2006
Capt: Stefano Rusconi
Birth: 20-02-1951
Died: 30-03-2006

Federico Cosolo
Federico Cosolo
Died: 18-09-2001
"God loved the world so much that he gave his only son, so that every who believes in him may not be but may have eternal life."

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