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Objectives and Strategies
  • To provide a home for mentally challenged destitute ladies.

  • To provide timely assistance to help them overcome their stress, feelings of unwantedness and crises, through clinical therapy, personal guidance and prayer.

  • To conduct programs and workshop to promote their talents and human dignity.

  • To identify the unwanted ladies, who through circumstance exhibit all kinds of anti-social behavior and to help them regain a humane attitude.

  • Assist them till their death.

  • To provide a house for lifelong stay of ladies and girls with psychiatric disorders and bring them back to life giving joy and hope in their miserable life.

  • To promote a center for counseling for mentally stressed people and to those that suffers loneliness.

  • To help other severely ill patients – those with HIV, Kidney failure etc. and helping in adoption of poor children.

  • To exhort village people to help the poor, needy and to become more respectful to the aged people and in their last moments.

Sustainability of the Program

The Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is fully committed to give guidance, assistance and accommodation to these Inmates. At present there are 15 ladies from 17 years -85 years old. 12 persons were rehabilitated and they returned home and rejoined their families.

One sister who is the superior of the house is the in charge of the inmates. There are three other sisters who assist the patients in all kinds of ways. There is also a nurse who supports their health and hygiene. A male security personnel ensures security for their better living. The congregation DSHJ is ready to provide three sisters to run the home without taking any salary or allowance. Also lay volunteers can offer their free service to the center. The good heart of our benefactors helps to meet the day to day expenses.

Thus the helping hands of the Congregation and benefactors will be able to maintain this home to provide maximum benefit to the poor, marginalized mentally challenged ladies who are really in need.


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